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Mt. Wilson MOF Data

The data in this series are derived from observations made by the MOF (Magneto-Optic Filter) instrument operating on the
Mt. Wilson 60-Foot Tower Telescope.


These data are freely available with one restriction: If you use the data or some product based on the data in a published paper, we ask that you include an acknowledgement as follows:

"Mt. Wilson 60-Foot Solar Tower data used here were produced by the Department of Physics and Astronomy, of the University of Southern California, with financial support provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, by the National Science Foundation, and by Stanford University."


Support for the operation of the 60-Foot Solar Tower Project has come from the
following 7 NASA grants: NAGW-13, NAG5-8021, NAG5-8545, NAG5-6104, NAG5-11001,
NAG5-11582, and NAG5-13510; the following 3 NSF grants: ATM-8009469, ATM-9119617,
and AST-0307934; and Stanford University Sub-contract P.R.6914. Account
handling is administered by the University of Southern California.


For an index of all Mt. Wilson data products, including those not yet incorporated in the Stanford Helioseismology Archive see This link provides extensive tables and plots of coverage for each year observed since 1988, and is divided up by GONG/MWO month and Carrington Rotation number. Duty Cycle plots showing processed data products are also provided. For details of the processing and archiving of the Level-1 data, including FITS keyword definitions, see SOI Technical Note 03.146.

For further information, please contact Edward J. Rhodes,

Available Processing Levels

For a general description of processing levels within the SHA database, see the SOI Datasets description.
Level 1
Daily sets of calibrated Dopplergrams

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