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Hα Network

The data in this program are derived from observations made by the various instruments of the Global High-Rresolution Hα Network.

***************** DATA USE POLICY *****************
These data are freely available with one restriction: If you use the data or some product based on the data in a published paper, book, or any other kind of (electronic) publication,, we ask that you include an acknowledgement of the Big Bear Solar Observatory/New Jersey Insitute of Technology. Since we are interested in the work that other people do with our data, we also would like to request a sample copy, reference, URL, etc. depending on the type of publication.

For further information, please contact Vasyl Yurchyshyn, vayur @

Available Processing Levels

For a general description of processing levels within the SHA database, see the SOI Datasets description.

Level 1

Daily sets of images, organized by observing site. The data have been ingested "as is", with all images from a given observing day (corresponding to the calendar day at the site) collected into each data set. Level 0 data are raw, Level 1 data are calibrated (flat-fielded and dark corrected). Only data sets presently in the archive are highlighted.

Yunnan Astronomical Observatory 102 47.30 25 01.5 Level 0 Level 1
Kanzelhöhe Solar Observatory 13 54.40 46 40.7 Level 0 Level 1
Big Bear Solar Observatory -116 54.75 34 15.2 Level 0 Level 1

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