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Stanford Helioseismology Archive


Data from the upgraded Global Oscillations Network Group. Principal series as of 30 August 2007:

Individual Site Data

GONG processing level zi
Site Observable Days Begin End
Learmonth Doppler 17352001.04.30-2007.05.20
Intensity 14332002.07.05-2007.05.20
Udaipur Doppler 10962001.10.25-2007.04.25
Intensity 9222002.06.05-2007.04.25
El Teide Doppler 14972001.07.30-2007.05.05
Intensity 13662002.05.18-2007.05.05
Cerro Tololo Doppler 17742001.04.20-2007.05.08
Intensity 14852002.06.06-2007.05.08
Big Bear Doppler 16462001.03.14-2007.05.10
Intensity 13312002.06.13-2007.05.10
Mauna Loa Doppler 15322001.06.16-2007.04.22
Intensity 13592002.06.05-2007.04.22

Hα Network

Selected full-cadence data from the Global High-resolution Hα Network. Data series as of 1 Apr. 2004:

Individual Site Data

Yunnan data raw, Kanzelhöhe and Big Bear data flat-fielded
Site Days Begin End
Yunnan Astronomical Observatory 72003.01.17-2003.08.08
Kanzelhöhe Solar Observatory 72003.01.17-2003.08.08
Big Bear Solar Observatory 72003.01.17-2003.08.08

HMI Proxy Data

Magneto-Optic Two-Height Instrument

Dopplergrams and photograms from the Magneto-Optic Two-Height (MOTH) Instrument at the South Pole Jeffreys Solar Observatory. Data series as of 30 June 2004:
Type Hours Begin End
Na-D Dopplergrams 2242003.01.012003.01.20
Na-D Photograms 2242003.01.012003.01.20
K-D Dopplergrams 2242003.01.012003.01.20
K-D Photograms 2242003.01.012003.01.20

Mt. Wilson MOF Dopplergrams & scanned Spectroheliograms

Dopplergrams from the Magneto-optic Filter at the Mt. Wilson Observatory 60-ft tower telescope. Principal series as of 30 August 2007: Scanned Ca-K Spectroheliograms (TIFF images) from the Mt. Wilson Observatory 150-ft tower telescope. Organized by date of scan (not dates of original images!) Series as of 30 August 2007

SOI-MDI (Solar Oscillations Investigation - Michelson Doppler Imager)

Data from the Michelson Doppler Imager on SOHO. Principal Series as of 28 June 2004:

Taiwan Oscillations Network

Ca-K photograms from the Taiwan Oscillations Network. Principal series as of 2 May 2005:
Site Days Begin End
Huairou 231996.06.251996.09.25
Uzbekistan 181996.07.031996.08.04
Tenerife 4091996.06.031998.04.30
Big Bear Solar Observatory 5191996.06.011998.08.01

Simulations by Stein et al.

Simulations of solar hydrodynamic convection on supergranulation scales (48 Mm wide by 20 Mm deep)

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